Cops Arrive At The Wrong House, Realize Christmas Ornaments Has Cops' Names Written On Them

Christmas is a beautiful time of year. For the vast majority of us, it is a time for families to come together and celebrate life. Of course, merry as Christmas is, it’s can also be very difficult for a few unfortunate families.

Take for example family members of police officers who have passed away this year…


Having said that, I wanted to share a touching story about a very special Christmas tree. The Christmas tree looks normal from afar, but just wait until you see what’s written on the ornaments.

When a cop and his partner responded to the wrong house after a call, they never expected to find a tribute to fallen police officers on a Christmas tree.


While at the residence, the officers noticed the homeowner’s Christmas tree was covered in blue lights and blue bulbs with various messages written on them.

Upon taking a closer look, the officers realized each bulb contained the names of fallen police officers and fallen K9s lost in the line of duty in 2016…


Since being shared on social media, people have liked the images 160,000 times and shared it over 74,000 times, once they realized what the blue trees signified.

The original post on Facebook:

“Partner and I accidentally went to the wrong address today on a run and stumbled across this beautiful tree. The owner took the time to write down every Officer killed in the line of duty this year and place it on the tree. Not only did she do all the Humans but she included all the K9s on the small ornaments. She calls it the “Tree of Honor” guess our paths were meant to cross since she just finished it last night. What a wonderful tribute.”


A spectacular way to decorate a Christmas tree. I find it incredibly touching that this woman did so as a means of remembering our fallen heroes.

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