Mom Has A Feeling Baby Girl Isn’t Hers, Then Takes A DNA Test To Prove It

When Lyudmila Trofimova asked to see her newborn daughter, her gut told her that something was off. She had a feeling that the little girl wasn’t actually hers.

It all started when two moms named Lyudmila gave birth to two little girls via cesarean section within minutes of each other. The babies were switched at birth by their hospital in Russia.

Each of the mothers breastfed and bonded with the babies that they thought were their own. Moreover, after one of the mother’s husbands took a DNA test, he accused his wife of being unfaithful when the results proved the child wasn’t his.

The mother’s instincts and the DNA were both red flags. After 102 days, each child was reunited with her biological parents, although the women found it was hard to part with the little ones they’d learned to love.

“I do understand that the baby is her daughter,” said the second woman, Lyudmila Dubayeva. “I do understand that she will be in good hands. The other is my daughter too. We’ll remain friends, we shall be meeting each other. It’s hard, it’s very hard, almost like a heartbreak.”

The mothers plan on keeping in touch and trading photographs of their daughters as they grow up.

We have a feeling that in the mix up, these two families just got a little bit bigger.

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