Pregnant Mom Sees Blue Balloons In Gender Reveal. Two Weeks Later, Doctor Calls To Admit Mistake

One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant is finding out the gender of the baby.

For many first-time parents, this is a detail they want to keep a surprise. But some moms and dads who have been through a few rodeos can’t wait to find out the news and spread the good word.

They can choose to reveal the gender in whatever way they want, whether it’s a post on Facebook or a large gender reveal — just like this one, where the parents-to-be gathered with their family to throw a big party!

Sometimes, though, things we don’t anticipate happen, as you’ll see in the situation below.

On January 22, 2o12, a mom and dad wanted to find out their baby’s gender by opening a box filled with colored balloons. The suspense of finding out the gender is clearly building in the video below: Mom starts getting emotional even before opening the box!

The parents were absolutely overjoyed with the results — they were going to have a baby boy! The celebration continued over their newest member, and the entire family looked forward to what was to come.

But little did they know their world was about to be turned upside down. Two weeks after the gender reveal, Mom and Dad got a call from the doctor who did the gender test, telling them that there had been a mistake.

It turns out that the doctor had delivered the wrong news, and they were actually expecting to have a baby girl in their lives. It was an emotional moment for the parents, who had actually lost their second son to trisomy just 18 months earlier.

However, after calming down and focusing on their new blessing, the couple was able to enjoy the news — and surely continued to celebrate the fact they were expecting a baby in the first place!

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