Mom Puts One Drop Of Breast Milk Under Microscope, Then Catches Strange Little Bubbles On Camera

Moms often swear by the magic of breast milk, saying it protects their babies from many different diseases and illnesses and that the act of breastfeeding helps them develop a greater bond with their baby.

But the magic is very real! Breast milk is known to have healing properties and gives a baby’s immune system the tools it needs to fight off bacteria and viruses.

Although moms often say breast milk is the best option for feeding babies, if one must resort to formula, “fed is best” is the best policy!

Now one mom has got the difference between breast milk and formula down to a science. Jansen Howard examined the two under a microscope and revealed to everyone the clear difference between them. Moms everywhere are chiming in, saying they knew the “liquid gold” is truly alive!

Did you know that breast milk looks like this up close?

Jansen Howard is a mom and an artist, and her father is a microscopist.

He took a drop of her breast milk and examined it under a microscope.

What the mom saw and caught on camera is truly remarkable.

Floating around were little bubbles, making the milk look like it was alive!

To compare, Jansen also looked at baby formula under the microscope and didn’t see the same bubbles.

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