They Try To Catch Stray Dog For 2 MONTHS. That's When 6-Yr-Old Shows Up & Does UNTHINKABLE

Some children have a marvelous gift for connecting with animals. An animal can sense when a child has a gentle, loving spirit, and initial fear and hesitation gives way to trust in just a few quiet moments.

Meghan Topping is a 6-year-old girl who possesses such a gift. She has helped her family train and foster hundreds of dogs in the Bay area throughout her young life, and beams with a contagious exuberance when it comes to loving animals.

It was Meghan who successfully won the heart of a shepherd-mix dog named Daisy, that had eluded animal rescuers for months. Daisy’s story began when she was first rescued from an animal shelter in Northern California.

Just days after her adoption, Daisy escaped from her new family’s backyard, with no intention of ever being “captured” again. Despite numerous rescue attempts from Hollister Animal Lost & Found, Daisy remained uncatchable.

“She was in fight or flight mode,” said Deanna Barth, who has been rescuing animals for decades. “All the typical things, like cage traps and baiting with smelly foods, was not working,” she said.

That’s when Barth decided to change tactics. “Our only way to earn her trust,” she explained, “was to get someone she might remember.”

Barth learned that Daisy had spent time as a foster dog with the Topping family, and that she had bonded with young Meghan. If anyone could get through to Daisy, perhaps it would be at the hands of a little girl.

Meghan’s mother, Karen Topping, drove out to the fields where Daisy was most often sighted. The moment Daisy came into view, Meghan trusted her instinct and took the lead.

The little girl walked out into the field and waited, watching and listening to what Daisy wanted her to do.

“She told me. Because you can talk to dogs in your brain,” Meghan said. “She told me if Mom stayed in the truck she would come to me and I believed it.”

Barth told the story of the beautiful rescue on the H.A.L.F. Facebook page, “Finally today, patience and persistence paid off when little Meghan, all on her own, walked slowly and silently into the field, and then completely laid down on her belly and allowed Daisy to approach her.”

“Tail wagging, she sniffed her and then completely gave in, walking along side her as if she had never left. Magic. Pure magic and absolutely the Christmas miracle we had all been hoping for.”

Daisy was later adopted by a loving family and is reportedly happy and healthy in her new home. As much as the Toppings love Daisy, they are remaining committed to their foster dog care efforts, placing as many dogs in forever homes as possible.

“I was just thinking whatever was meant to be was meant to be,” Meghan said of the rescue. “And that was meant to be.”