Maury Povich Reveals His 12 Biggest Secrets

Any kid who has stayed home from school due to an illness, or any reason for that matter, will tell you just how terrible daytime television is. You can flick through hundreds of channels for hours on end and still find nothing to watch. However, one man acted as my daytime TV savior, and his name is Maury Povich. The Maury Povich Show taught me a lot about life, love, families, how NOT to raise kids, and the ins and outs of trailer park living.

Here are a few things you may not have known about Maury.

1. His real name is Maurice.

2. He has a secret obsession with country music.

NEW country music. 

3. He went to the University of Pennsylvania.

He graduated with a degree in television journalism. 

4. He is golf buddies with former US President George Bush!

5. He says he has actually been shocked at the events of his own show.

He says the craziest thing to happen was when, during a paternity test for twins, it was revealed that a man was the father of ONE of the twins but not the other. Scientist later revealed that the odds of that happening were a million to one.

6. He honestly believes that you should never go to bed angry.

When asked for relationship advice, Maury said that "it’s okay to argue, and it’s okay to have separate feelings from each other, in terms of subject matter, and argue, and things like that. But you’ve GOT to make up before the head hits the pillow at night."

7. He never knows the results of a paternity test before reading it out loud on air.

8. He met his future wife, Connie Chung, while she was working as a copy girl.

The two met while working at WTTG-TV in Washington.

9. He used to be a batboy for the Washington Senators.

Maury has always been a big sports fan.

10. He owns a beautiful Montana Ranch AND a local newspaper.

The paper is called The Flathead Beacon.

11. If a movie was ever made, he has some pretty interesting opinions about who should play him.

"I would want Jerry Springer or Tyler Perry to play me in a movie."

12. Despite the rumors, he has never had plastic surgery.

Maury is all natural!

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Main Image via Stamford Advocate