Local Business Owner Brings Pizza And Port-A-Potty To Commuters Stranded On Highway

A few years ago I was stuck on the Taconic Parkway in New York for about 8 hours because the roads iced over and caused a massive pile up not far from where we stopped. Everyone kind of shrugged their shoulders until a half hour passed, and when the hour marker hit and we were still waiting, we knew that this wasn't going to be an ordinary traffic jam.

When an accident of that magnitude happens, the main concern is always those that were involved, and rightly so. Not many view those waiting for it to be cleared to be victims too, but one man did, and people are singing his praises.

On Tuesday, Texas DPS had to close down I-10 in Orange County to investigate a crash that resulted in two deaths, stranding hundreds of drivers during their commute home. Seeing this, one hero suited up and showed up with pizza, drinks, and perhaps most important of all, a port-a-potty.

After making the trip home and having several people post about the good samaritan, they were able to identify him as local business owner Jacob Connor of Wildcat Energy Services.

People began posting 5-star reviews on his business page to thank Connor for being a 5-star guy.







While he still hasn't responded to any of the praise, it's safe to say that after seeing what Connor was willing to do for his fellow Texans who needed help, one can only imagine what customer service for his company is like. 

Source: distractify.com