How People Change When They Stop Consuming Alcohol

“Everything in moderation“ is an excellent principle to follow in life, and it works especially well when it comes to alcohol. Drinking can have a far from positive effect on the way you look: it can lead to excess weight and a whole host of health problems.

The following people all decided to part company with this harmful habit. In doing so, they showed us just how much a change in lifestyle can be reflected in our appearance. Take a look at their ”before" and “after” photos — you can barely recognize some of them!

Seven months without alcohol

One year without alcohol

Eight and a half months without alcohol

Six months without alcohol

One and a half years without alcohol

Two years without alcohol

One and a half years without alcohol

826 days without alcohol

300 days without alcohol

Three years and four months without alcohol

Preview photo credit GHOSTBACKWARDS
Based on materials from Bored Panda