This Cat Has Remarkable Gift That Science Can't Explain - It Can Predict Death!

Throughout history, cats have often been viewed as magical, sacred animals. For instance, the ancient Egyptians worshipped them. So I guess it makes sense that a cat named Oscar could indeed have some sort of magical power.

Oscar is a cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Home in Rhode Island. He has resided here for the past seven years, and within this time, he has demonstrated a remarkable gift.

It’s not something that I nor others can explain. You can say it could be coincidence, but to do it multiple times? This is freaky!

Oscar was brought to the nursing home as a kitten. Since then, he has accurately predicted the death of more than fifty residents.


He has the ability to “sense deaht.” He’ll enter a patients room and curl up next to them until they pass.


He has yet to be wrong though. Occasionally, he’ll curl up next to seemingly healthy residents, only for them to pass soon after.


The residents view Oscar as a comforting friend in those final moments.


One of the theories used to explain Oscar’s gift involves his so called ability to “smell” death in the form of ketones, which is a biochemical given off by dying cells.


Either way, it’s comforting to know you have a friend curled up beside you, supporting you in those last few days.


The residents feel comforted by Oscar’s presence and companionship. Regardless of how you feel about cats, Oscar has a pretty remarkable gift.

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[Source: Oddity Central]