Mom Places Her Son For Adoption, 19 Years Later She Finds Him During A Google Search

The internet has allowed us to do some pretty amazing things.

Available to almost everyone with a computer, it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and learn more about important topics.

It’s also a great resource for starting like-minded groups or helping complete strangers, like this 8-year-old boy did for a wedded couple who’d lost their ring.

It has also helps unite families, just like it recently did for one North Carolina mother. 

At age 17, Amanda Borland gave her baby boy Jibril to adoptive parents, and they agreed it would be an open one. 

Eager to be a part of his life in some capacity, she sent birthday gifts to his home in Texas every year and received pictures in return.

But, because of a move, she lost touch and stopped getting updates.

So, after his 18th birthday, she started trying to search for him on Google.

Though she had a bit of trouble searching at first, she miraculously managed to find him months later.

“This year I tried spelling it ‘Jibril’ instead of ‘Jabril’ and put ‘Texas.’ I also put ‘baseball’ because the last picture I received from the family, he was in a baseball uniform, and he came up,” she explained to Inside Edition

Learn more about the amazing search in the video below, which also shows Amanda meeting up with Jibril as an adult for the first time. 

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