Guy Refuses To Smooch Her On Kiss Cam, So She Turns To Man Next To Her

Many couples look forward to the opportunity to be caught on a kiss cam. The Atlanta Hawks recently posted a video showing what happened when one couple wasn’t exactly on the same page about it.

People have wondered if the video is real or if the trio featured in it had planned it. However, those claiming to have been at the game say it’s 100 percent authentic. You decide.

The kiss cam zoomed in on a blonde woman and her (alleged) boyfriend, who was wearing a red cap. She pointed to it and insisted on getting a kiss from her beau, but he refused.

Frustrated with him, the woman turned to the man sitting next to her and pecked him on the lips. Right now, it’s unclear if the man was a stranger or a friend.

The boyfriend apparently became jealous and reprimanded her before getting up and walking away. It then looked as though the woman said the words, “Fine… you didn’t want to.”

She and the man sitting next to her shrugged and continued to watch the game. Judging by the tension between the couple, we’d have to speculate that the pair were headed for a split before the kiss cam incident.

The video went viral and has become popular online; many think her response to the disinterested boyfriend is hilarious. What do you think of her reaction?

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