Photo Of His X-Ray Is Going Viral For Obvious Reasons, Here’s The Story Behind It

Now for something completely different: A Chinese construction worker survives being impaled through the head by a five foot long metal rod.

A freak accident on a construction site left the worker with a metal spike driven from his jaw clear through the back of his head. You are not going to believe this medical miracle until you read about it and see the pictures.

The forty one year old construction worker was impaled by the metal rod during a freak accident last month.

According to the Chinese state newspaper, The People’s Daily Online, the accident occurred on February 27 in the city of Chonqing. The construction worker, identified as Wang Long, was attempting to free a concrete slab.

At that point, the five foot long, one and a half inch thick metal rod was driven into his skull through his lower jaw. It completely passed through his brain and exited through the back of his skull at his lower occipital bone. It had hit his jugular vein and his thyroid as it passed through.

EMT’s on the scene had to cut the metal rod down so that he could be placed in an imaging unit before a medical team could operate. They first tried to use a saw, but it was not able to cut through the metal, so they used a torch. In order to keep the radiant heat from injuring the man any more they had to pack ice around the metal as they worked.

Once he was freed, he was rushed to Chongqing hospital for emergency surgery to remove the metal rod.

Dr. Liu Minghua, over saw the four hour procedure. Liu said “There is a hole in Wang’s internal jugular vein and the rod has spiked his maxillary artery. We did a 3,000ml blood transfusion in the four-hour-long surgery.”

He also said that had the metal rod entered just slightly higher, Long would have been killed instantly.

Wang Long, an alias to protect the patient’s privacy, came through the surgical procedure and is now in recovery, although it will be some time before his prognosis can be evaluated.

This story has people talking in social media, saying things like:

“Why do so many similar accidents happen in china to construction workers and how do they keep surviving?”

“Wow!! Glad he is going to make a full recovery!”

“What the hell are the Chinese doing to their people? Do they like have a real life super soldier serum given to them at birth? Are they invincible now?”

“Chinese people are invincible.”

Of course, with this being the internet and all, there were a few wise acre comments as well, some of which were just too funny to ignore:

“at least now he gets to be a unicorn!”

“rename him rodney.”

“It’s the return of phineas gage.”

“Technically I guess wearing helmets save lives lmao.”

“Grief, that X-Ray. You’d think he’d have removed his chewing gum during inspection!”

So there you have it: another medical marvel courtesy of the chinese people. It is hard to believe how they keep pulling these stunts and surviving, isn’t it?

Have you ever seen such a medical miracle? Do you have any cringeworthy accident stories to share with us? Please tell us about them here.

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