Man Hides In Garage After Year Away From Brother, Then Tiny Neon Shoe Steps Into The Room

The bond between brothers is a special one. This man in green left to live away from home and hadn’t seen his little brother in over a year. He figured it was time for an unexpected reunion.

The older brother hid in his family’s garage, scaling back against the way so he wouldn’t be seen by anyone in the next room. He was waiting patiently against the wall, until he spotted a neon sneaker step down the first stair in front of the door.

In the video below, posted on March 15, 2017, the older brother watches his little brother fully enter the garage. Then, the little boy’s jaw drops as the man in green takes a step toward him.

Suddenly, the child screams, “Adam!” He runs over and jumps up, tackling his older brother. He clings onto the family member he hasn’t seen in so long and realizes that in this moment, he doesn’t have to miss him anymore.

He refuses to let go as his older brother walks around the garage.

He cries, “Oh gosh, oh gosh, you’re back!” He starts patting his older brother’s face, saying, “He’s here, he’s here! He’s real, he’s real!” Then, he plants a sweet kiss on his brother’s cheek, which is something he hasn’t been able to do for a while.

When he finally allows his older brother to put him down, they engage in their old handshake, as if they have never spent a minute apart.

To see the reunion and the brothers’ special handshake, check out the video below. You won’t want to miss it!

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