Couple Are On The Way To Visit Premature Baby. Suddenly Driver Stops Her At Hospital Door

“You don’t think it’s going to happen to you, and then it does,” new mom, Breanna Lopez, says.

This is all too true and is the mantra of people who have had tragedy strike them.

Breanna and Robert, a young military couple, delivered their son Carter on December 28th, four months before his due date. Carter was born at just two pounds but dropped to a mere one pound eleven ounces soon afterward.

The young parents were told that his kidneys were shutting down and that he would forever suffer from brain damage as a result of the trauma.


In the midst of their heartache, the young couple’s car broke down on them, leaving them to rely on the goodwill of friends to transport them to and from the hospital to visit their son. Breanna says that she was scared of not having any way to take him home.

Carter’s story made its way across the Internet, as all stories do. What resulted was a collaboration between the most unlikely of entities in order to ensure that at least one of the Lopez’s worries was laid to rest. While medical professionals helped Carter to fight for his life, the FOX5 Surprise Squad got together with Don Forman, owner at United Nissan, to deliver some good news to the couple.

FOX5 Surprise Squad host, Kassandra Jones, went undercover to hear the couple’s story and to set them up for a surprise that would move them to tears.

This video shares the touching story of Breanna, Robert and Carter; Carter’s fight for survival; the couple’s struggle to see their son; and most importantly, of how a few great people can make big things happen for those who need it the most.

Once the surprise is delivered, you can tell it was just what the couple needed to help them through such a difficult journey. And it seemed to propel other good things to happen, as soon after, they were able to take Carter home, where he belongs.

To see what the big surprise was, watch the video – but before you do, be sure to get some tissues!

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[Source: FOX5 Las Vegas]