Here’s The Story Of A “Homeless Cop” That’s Risking His Life To Help Save Others [video]

Law enforcement officers use all kinds of tools to keep us safe on the roads, from DUI checkpoints to speed limit enforcement zones. While it can seem inconvenient at times, it is important to remember that they are trying to preserve public safety for those who use our nation’s roads and highways.

Well, we just found a crazy new trick that a police officer in Maryland is using to keep people from driving while texting. This is so funny, you are going to laugh out loud when you watch this video.

Police in Montgomery County, Maryland is using a classic undercover routine for a whole new campaign. A police officer, disguised as a homeless person stands on the side of the road with a handmade sign.

When cars pass him by, he scans them and notifies officers at a checkpoint up ahead that they are in violation of some traffic code. The vast majority are driving while distracted by their cell phones.

While many of us do not tend to think of texting and driving as a crime, in many places it is. And for good reason: Distracted drivers are significantly more likely to cause a traffic accident than those who are paying attention to the road.

This YouTube video, posted by USA Today, has been watched more than one hundred and eighty thousand times and caused a range of comments from viewers about the Montgomery Police Department’s tactics, with people saying things like:

“I think it is a little much, staring at your lap texting ok; holding the phone to your ear ok; but holding up your phone to read directions, c’mon. maybe people shouldn’t change the channels on their radio, heaven forbids you to change the radio with a remote. how many times have I passed a cop who had his phone glued to his ear?”- American Joe

“don’t the police have anything better to do? why don’t they mind their own business or do something useful instead of harassing people driving in their cars…And to think we the taxpayers are paying for this.”- Coffeeshop TV

“They should not expose the undercover officers.”- JLow Fish

One person commented “I wonder if the police will pay your repair work for getting into an accident reading his sign. Since he took your attention off the road.”

To which another viewer responded “Are other road signs distracting to you too? If that’s the case, why would you even be driving?”

And leave it to a Canadian to distil it to the simplest of questions “I don’t know what’s worse: using a handheld device while driving, or doing so while understanding how dangerous it is.”

Given the advances in Bluetooth technology and the eminent threat posed by distracted drivers, one must wonder why the auto industry and smartphone manufacturers have not yet been required to develop a system by which a phone is disabled once the car is engaged. A few simple lines of code in the car’s ignition system and on a cellphone’s OS would make this problem disappear within a product generation.

Have you ever been involved in an accident with a distracted driver? Share your thoughts and ideas with us here.

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