Family Of 5 Can Hardly Afford To Buy Groceries, Are Speechless When They See The Checkout Total

Sharnique Dasant knows all about going above and beyond on the job, and this was highlighted when she surprised a recent Walmart shopper with a generous gift. A customer service manager at Walmart in Columbia, South Carolina, Sharnique already know what it took to make her customers as happy, but on this special night, she decided to do something special for one family.


“I was supposed to go to my mom’s fashion show. I wasn’t able to go because of work. After I moved to that register, that’s when Ashley came into the line. She started putting her stuff up, her baby was crying, she had her husband with her. As we’re scanning and scanning, she got in front of me and it’s like I saw a different face on her,” Sharnique recalled.

As Sharnique saw this family, she could not help but think paying it forward a little would probably do a lot to brighten up their day, especially when the group clearly had a long day. It was at that time Sharnique decided she would give this family one hundred dollars as a little present.

“So I was like, I said, ‘Yeah, God told me to give you $100 dollars,’ and she said ‘What? What? What are you talking about?’ So I said, ‘He told me to give you $100 dollars.’ So I went ahead and I slid my card. I went around the register and I slid it for her,” Sharnique explained.

Having been randomly placed on this register for the night, and seeing this family patiently waiting in line despite having so much going on was truly a humbling experience for Sharnique. Something about that moment caused Sharnique to share a little bit of joy with these customers, and Ashley was immensely appreciative of the moment.


Ashley Jordan went on to make a Facebook post detailing her encounter with Sharnique. Ashely and her husband, Michael Jordan, had visited Walmart to take care of some shopping. Having a family of five, Walmart trips always became a source of concern as the bill ended up being incredibly high each time.

“We literally dread going to Walmart and buying groceries period because my husband’s whole check goes to food for our family. I will say that I’m not a fan of shopping at Walmart because of how rude some of the people can be. But after tonight my whole perspective has changed,” Ashley wrote in her Facebook post.

After having her brief encounter with Sharnique, the incredible customer service manager at the local Walmart, Ashley realized that her previous experiences would never again define how she viewed the dreaded shopping trips the family took. Although they did not expect it, Sharnique’s generosity became a massive reminder of how great people in this world can really be!

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[Source: 11 Alive]