Singer Covers Michael Jackson Hit, But The Judges Are Blown Away When They Hear He’s Only 13

Now that The Voice has lowered its age limit for contestants, the judges have found their youngest performer yet.

The kiddo in question is Quizz Swanigan from North Little Rock, Arkansas. However, the 13-year-old isn’t exactly new to singing in front of an audience; in fact, he has been doing it for more than half his life, getting his start in a Jackson 5 cover band at the age of 6.

You can see him in the clip below, where he’s the youngest member of his crew. He then performs one of Michael Jackson’s classic hits, “Who’s Loving You,” in his blind audition.

Alicia Keys clearly recognizes his raw talent almost immediately, her eyes darting side to side as the young man channels the “King of Pop,” even throwing in a few dance moves like Michael’s — not that the judges can see that with their back turned, of course, though it certainly proves to the audience that the teen in a natural entertainer.

Soon enough, both Alicia and Gwen Stefani know it, too, as they both turn their chairs at nearly the exact same time.

The look on Gwen’s face shows just how stunned she is to discover how young the voice singing behind her is, but it’s not until Blake Shelton asks Quizz to reveal his age that the other judges join her in realizing this is the youngest contestant they’ve had in the show’s history.

Quizz has a hard decision to make, and the ladies hardly make it any easier for him as they praise each other rather than bickering like Adam Levine and Blake Shelton tend to do in the same situation.

Take a look to see who the teen chooses to be his coach, and be sure to SHARE his amazing audition with your friends!

Thumbnail Source: YouTube / TheVoice