Get Rid Of Stink Bugs With These 6 Natural Home Remedies. Here's How

Stink bug season is upon us folks and it’s time to seek out remedies before they overwhelm our homes. Stink bugs are insects that release a smelly odor when squashed or threatened. They are active in March, April, and September where you’ll find them outdoors laying their eggs and eating up your garden and sometimes invading your home.

Since you can’t squash them, you’ll have to come up with some clever ways to get rid of them. Here are six natural remedies to keep those nasty stink bugs out of your home and garden

Stink Bug

Secure Your Access Points

Determine where stink bugs are entering your home or where you think they have the potential to. Think cracks or gaps near windows, exhaust fans, ceiling lights, and the backside of baseboards. Use tape or caulk or other methods to seal off and entry points in your home so they can’t crawl in.


Rubbing Alcohol Solution

Spray a solution of one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water on stink bugs to drive them out of the house.

Catch Em’ If You Can

If you come across a stink bug in your home you can catch them in your hand (they are harmless), paper towel, or plastic bag and toss them back outside (if you’d like to show mercy) or flush them down the toilet. If you toss them outside, they won’t be able to get back in since you already sealed everything off.


Garlic Spray

Fill a spray bottle with four tablespoons of garlic powder and two cups of water. Spray it near the garden, entrance of your house, and any other place you think stink bugs will invade your space. Repeat this process every three days until the stink bugs go away.

Mint or Essential Oil

The strong scent of mint will also deter stink bugs from encroaching on your territory. Crush up two teaspoons of fresh mint or 10 drops of liquid mint with two cups of water and spray it where the insects may invade. You can also use an essential oil of your choice.



Sprinkle some catnip around your garden and home where stink bugs may lurk. This is a repellant that you can grow in your garden for long-term defense instead of buying it.

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