Toddler Peaks Around The Corner, But His Shadow Is Waiting For Him Every Single Time

Toddlers are fascinated with basically anything, which is what makes them so entertaining!

Oh, to see the world through their eyes — everything is completely new and exciting.

What’s even more enjoyable than watching them discover things is seeing their reactions. They get so perplexed by things we totally take for granted.

Take this baby for example, who has never heard his husky friend howl — hearing that noise behind him definitely wigs him out, it’s a bit sad at his expense but totally funny too!

Another concept that is mind bending for babies and toddlers is their shadow. How does it follow your every move and why is it always next to you?

The baby in the video below discovers his shadow for the first time.

Carefully peering around the corner, he tries again and again to trick it — but it’s right there every single time he checks.

My favorite part is when he sort of loses it at the end. He jumps in front of his spooky shadow friend against the wall and just begins flailing his arms.

Whether he’s trying to attack it or trying to see if it really does every movement he does, it’s adorable nonetheless.

Check it out down below — it will add a little brightness to your day.

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