Nervous Dog Sticks His Head In A Hole, Then A Cat Pops Out And Sends Him Running

The general trope is that cats are afraid of dogs, but I feel like the opposite is true.

Sure, dogs are generally larger and appear to be stronger, but I think cats have a cunning about them that makes them a lot more intimidating.

They’re also usually more snarky than dogs. While a pup might think that everyone is his friend right away, cats are more likely to bat you with their paws than bound up to you for a cuddle.

They’re incredibly agile — anyone who has ever picked up a cat that doesn’t want to be held knows that they can practically levitate out of your arms (while probably scratching you somewhere on their way down to the floor).

So are cats actually scarier than dogs? The nervous pup in the video below seems to think so.

The scene begins with the fluffy doggy poking his head into what appears to be a little home, nervously whining as if something were wrong.

Why is he whining? Is there something in there that he wants? Questions ensue as he continued to sniff inside the tiny doorway.

Suddenly, a cat bounds out of the door and the poor pup cannot handle himself — that’s one nervous dog!

Check below to see this funny clip at the canine’s expense; it’ll definitely put the debate of who’s scared of whom to rest.

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