Man Sees Suitcase On The Side Of The Road, Stops Dead In His Tracks When He Spots Emergency

When a passerby in Mexico spotted a pair of feet poking out of a suitcase, they tipped off the police to the murder. After the cops arrived and carefully opened the bag, they found a mutilated corpse stuffed into the small suitcase.

The body had been zipped into the bag with the feet, still wearing black socks, still poking out the top of the blue suitcase.

The nightmarish find was discovered dropped off near a house in Mexico’s Veracruz state along the country’s Gulf coast…

The body was taken into the police. Now the officers of the law from the nearby town of Martinez de la Torre are examining the mutilated body. So far, they’ve determined that the unidentified man was tortured before he was killed. Then his killers dismembered his body and stuffed him inside a suitcase.

The notorious and deadly Los Zetas drug trafficking cartel controls Veracruz state. And this murder sits in line with how they conduct “business as usual.”

The house where the body was dumped was located in a forested area outside of town, which serves as a major hotbed of illegal activity and crime. To stay away from police observation, armed gangs and drug cartels use the wooded areas to host their criminal activities. In these parts of Mexico, executions and drug trades are commonplace.

In recent years, hundreds of unsolved murders disappearances have occurred on the eastern part of Veracruz state. When Los Zetas broke away from the rival Gulf Cartel in 2010, they forcefully took over the area. Even the Mexican police are powerless against the vile and violent cartels.

The United States government considers Los Zetas to be “the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, efficient, violent, ruthless, and dangerous” drug cartel operating in Mexico.

Extortion and kidnapping are common crimes in Veracruz. More than a dozen journalists who have been brave enough to report in this part of Mexico have gone missing or been killed during the past five years alone.

The US Department of State issued a warning to citizens in December, while President Obama was still in command. They warned citizens about the risks of traveling to certain parts of Mexico because they are under the violent control of various criminal organizations like Los Zetas. But the US currently has not issued an advisory about Veracruz.

Readers of Daily Mail shared their thoughts about this horrible crime.

“And these are the type of people liberals want to let into the US illegally,” Haley Cox wrote.

“Simply thrown out and dumped like rubbish. That is still someone’s child. Very sad,” one UK reader shared.

“The level of cartel inspired violence in Mexico is abhorrent. Without a better-secured border that level of violence may reach the United States, more so than it already does,” a reader from New Yorker wrote.

“It goes on all the time in Mexico, I’m more shocked the killer wasted a perfectly good suitcase and not just dump them on the side of the road like they normally do,” a jaded reader from the UK contributed.

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