17 Pictures Of Animal Mouths That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

1. This is the mouth of a turtle:

2. Seriously, a leatherback turtle has this inside it:

3. A sweet, beautiful TURT!


4. And if that’s not enough, this is what the inside of a goose’s mouth looks like:

The stuff of nightmares:

5. This is the mouth of a penguin:

6. This is the mouth of a deer:

7. And this terrifying thing is the mouth of a lamprey:

It looks like a portal to hell.

8. Here’s what the mouth of a camel looks like:

9. This is what a cookie cutter shark’s teeth look like:

10. And this is what a humpback whale has going on inside its mouth:

Looks cozy!

11. This is the inside of a Promachoteuthis sulcus’s mouth:

Literally the stuff of nightmares.

12. And here’s a sheepshead fish, a fish with what looks like human teeth:

13. Not to be confused with the pacu fish, which also has a beautiful set of pearly whites:

Honestly, these two fish have better teeth than a lot of people I know.

14. This is the inside of a hagfish’s mouth:

Not sure what’s going on here.

15. This is the inside of a vampire fish’s mouth:

16. And the inside of sea urchin’s weird, weird mouth:

Lots to unpack here.

17. And, finally, this is what a cute little caterpillar’s mouth looks like up close:

Sweet dreams!

Source: buzzfeed.com