Footage Inside Animal Sanctuary Is Going Viral After They Capture Many Odd Friendships [video]

Although we consider different species of animals as separate from each other, like humans they are all part of the same ecosystem. Nothing is separate in nature because it is all part of the larger whole. And sometimes this leads to strange pairings as animals of different species latch onto each other in friendship.

While you’ve probably seen videos of horses & dogs and other strange pairings, what we have to share with you today is a bit different than all the rest. Here is a friendship that has evolved from a pair of cats and a monkey. Sounds crazy, but when you see the video below, you won’t be able to deny it as truth. Check it out now!

When a young monkey named Horace lost his mom at a young age, he was rescued and taken in by the team at Twala Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe. Because the little baby monkey had no one to care for him, the rescuers were planning to take on the burden themselves.

Because the staff at the sanctuary was low and they had much more work to do than people to do it, the team did their best to raise every animal right. But that meant that they did not have the resources to keep different species of animals separate. So long as they got along, they were taken care of in the same space.

The rescue workers had no idea what to expect as they mingled the different species of mammals. But as the video below shows, the result was beyond common sense understanding.

When Sarah Carter, the founder of the African sanctuary first found Horace, she was sad to report that his mother had been run over by a car. Because she has a large heart, Sarah took baby Horace in and raised him with the other animals in the sanctuary.

Immediately, Horace began establishing a bond with two strange critters. The two housecats had developed an affinity for the baby monkey. After that, things quickly took off. Now they are inseparable friends.

But Horace doesn’t just spend time with the sanctuary’s cats, he also loves humans. He also enjoys the dogs, and even prefers the canines and felines to the other monkeys in the sanctuary.

When the sunsets and the dogs go to bed, Horace stays up and plays with the nocturnal cats. In the daytime, he enjoys spending his time with the dogs.

Although the animals in the sanctuary become one big happy family, Sarah Carter started the foundation with the intention of returning the animals back to the wild once they were strong and independent enough.

But since Horace was rescued as a baby and had no mother monkey to teach him the way of life as a primate, he will remain with the domesticated animals at the sanctuary. He has become part of the family by now.

And now Horace has taken on a new job. Whenever a new animal arrives for rescuing, Horace is the first one to greet the animal and welcome them into their new home.

Check out the video footage below!

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